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Updated: Oct 10, 2018

By: Lisa Marie

When we think about food, we think about something that satisfies our taste buds. The mere thought of your favorite dish almost immediately heightens your senses. Food itself has been known to inspire emotion. For centuries, it has been the one commonality that brings generations of people together. Let’s face it, we talk about food at weddings! Outside of the beautiful couple, your guest will be talking about the food long after.

When you think about what all goes into planning your big day there are many factors that are taken into consideration. Such as, theme, size, location and FOOD! When each detail is planned, we try to keep in mind that this day will be shared with many of our closest family and friends. Not only is the goal to make ourselves happy but our guest as well.

When making your selection for the type of food you want to serve at your wedding or event several questions should come to mind…

What will my guest enjoy?

Is this the right menu for the time of my event?

Is this menu kid friendly?

Will this menu satisfy a multitude of dietary needs?

Is there variety and creativity?

Let's explore some of these questions.

What will my guest enjoy? Well you know your family and friends more than your wedding planner. So be sure to give them a little background on your family. This is important as you are looking to serve food geared towards your culture. In some cultures, it is important to have certain dishes served at the wedding, as it is part of their wedding ritual. Be sure to provide your wedding planner with details to help secure the right caterer for your event.

Is this the right menu for the time for my event? Today we see many couples opt for early brunch style weddings. Therefore, it is important for you as the wedding planner to ensure the menu compliments the time. You would not want to serve your guest a seven-course meal during brunch hours. Some evening weddings tend to have a longer stretch. It's important to think of your guest during this time. After all, while you are taking photos and receiving well wishes and compliments your guest are sitting. Look for cocktail hours as well as late night snack bars. This is a day to celebrate so you and your guest are sure to work up an appetite.

Is this menu kid friendly? Certainly, there are more wedding today that are kid free but for those who opt to include the kiddies make sure you take into consideration that kids are picky eaters by nature. Heavily saucy dishes and fancy veggies are not always appealing to their young pallet. So be sure to check for kid friendly menu option. This will also save you money so that those pricey per plate options are not wasted.

Am i supporting my guest dietary needs? This is becoming more relevant than we would have ever imagine years ago. From gluten free to vegans, we must look to not only protect our guest but be sensitive to their dietary lifestyle and needs. Make sure, when you send out your invites to ask for any dietary restrictions that way you can ensure each guest can enjoy their meal during your event.

Lastly, does your menu provide variety and creativity? One of the great thing about food is that is it ever changing. Many chefs today have found wonderful ways to make something old new, turn something traditional to trendy. So its OK to spice it up. Food bars and Food Trucks are a big hit today! They offer variety as well as creativity to your event. This gives your guest the freedom to choose from a variety of different food items and have fun with it. It gets your guest engaged instead of the traditional buffet or plated menu options.

When it's all said and done you want this day to be one to remember. So inspire their taste buds!

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