• Chaukeisia

Cost Saving Tips for Your Event

Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

To stay within in your budget for your event, where a few cost saying tricks.

  • When planning your event ask yourself what are the three elements you must have. Those three things should be where you splurge and budget everything else.

  • December through March prices are lower at venues.

  • Having your event on Friday night, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon can save you a lot of money. Cocktail parties, day parties and brunches can be more fun than a Saturday night sit down dinner.

  • Roses are affordable flowers and can be used all year around. Make this your go to flower and let your florist suggest cost saving fillers that will make your floral arrangement stand out

  • Instead of having, tall centerpieces that will cost you over $100 apiece opt for small floral arrangements and candlelight. Add color up lighting and you will create an intimate ambiance

  • Instead of a full bar do a signature drink with beer and wine. It keeps the cost down and personalize your event